AL-Hirah Core Services

We are a Malaysia based Company specializing in Engineering and Consultancy Services in the fields of Engineering and Facility Management Solutions to cater to today’s growing challenges of managing modern facilities and assets for clients, enabling them to fully concentrate on their primary business concerns.


Our Core Disciplines are Mechanical, Electrical, Instrumentation and System Engineering. We supply and service Utility and Industrial Boilers, Incinerators, Biomass Cogeneration Plants and Palm Oil Mill/Refineries. Mainly we undertake Erection, Installation, Testing, Commissioning, Maintenance, Repair, Overhauling Service and Reconditioning of Plant, Ship and Factories Equipment and Machineries etc. We have In-house facilities for Machining, Reconditioning, Welding and Fabrication.


      • Develop Environment friendly Energy Management solutions for Mechanical & Electrical systems
      • Provide Equipment and Systems for Energy Saving Systems & Ship Building
      • Energy Audit Services for Steam Systems, Air Conditioning Systems, Electrical Systems, Thermal Oil Heaters etc.

Specific fields we concentrate are

    • Energy Management Systems
      • Bio-mass Boiler
      • Energy Saving Equipment such as Boiler, Economiser, Air Preheating, Burner Tuning, Blow Down Heat Recovery, Chiller & Electrical Energy Conservation Systems
      • Stack Heat Recovery System for Thermal Oil Heaters, Boilers, Hot Air Generators Biomass & Incinerators.
      • Steam Traps, Fittings for steam piping system, Valves, Pumps, Motors, Compressors, Blowers, Agitators, Accumulators, Mixers, Auxiliary Equipment for Dam and Water Treatment plants like Gates, Penstocks, Stoplogs, Slide Gates and Heavy duty pumps   etc.

Electrical Engineering Systems

  1. Supply, Installation, testing, commissioning of Low Voltage & Medium Voltage Equipments.
  2. Transformers
  3. Busways
  4. Metal Clad LV & MV Switch Gear – Ring Main Units, VCB, OCBs
  5. Energy Saving Equipments
  6. Motor Control Center
  7. Multi Protective Relays – Feeder Management, Motor/Generator
  8. Control and Automation systems – Variable Speed Drives, Automatic Transfer Switch, Mimic Panels, Programmable Logic controller, …etc.


We undertake Reactive, Preventive, Proactive and Predictive Maintenance of existing plant and equipment in Ships. Some typical examples are


  1. Service and Overhauling  of pumps
  2. Service and Overhauling of motors
  3. Service and Overhauling Valves
  4. Specialized Repair, Maintenance, Reconditioning Services of Ship Components and Equipment


  1. Biomass and Waste to Energy Power Plant Systems
  2. Municipal Refuse / Solid Waste and Waste-To-Energy


  1. Boiler & Steam System Maintenance
  2. Air Conditioning System Maintenance
  3. Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Maintenance Service, Repair and Reconditioning
  4. Boiler System, Incineration Plant, Biomass Plant